A few things about Shipping & Returns

Need some help? Don’t we all. And hey, we’re here for you, we really are. You can message us any time and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, here’s some info for you.


Sizes are pretty sure to size. If you usually wear a medium and that fit nice, one of our mediums should also fit nice. Sure, brands can vary, so if you’re wearing brand that has a really big medium, maybe that won’t be ideal, but see how you go.

If you want more sizing info, you’ll find it on the ioMerino website.


All orders ship from Australia. We strap your products to specially trained wombats that swim across the oceans and drop the off to the courier when they get to your fine country. “Why wombats?” we hear you ask? Because they may look cute, but they are ferocious and are excellent swimmers with a bit of training. Remember Ian Thorpe the Aussie Olympic swimmer? e trains them for us. You’ll get your stuff pretty fast. Not express fast, but pretty fast. It’ll probably take a few weeks. 


Just gonna be honest with you here. Returns really bugger up our business. By the time we send it to you, you send it back, all that mucking about takes ages, costs a fortune, it’s a giant pain the ass for everyone. If the thing you get has a genuine issue with it, we’ll obviously replace it. Otherwise, can you just not return it unless you really have to? Pretty please?

We have a US returns address in Florida, but we’re honestly not gonna list it here because even tough we tell people they have to email us first to process the return, some people, not you of course, are dip shits and send stuff back and when it turns up we have no idea what it is or who it’s from. So yeah, email us and tell us what you want to return and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

Something else?:

Seriously? What’s with all the bloody questions? They’re T-shirts not Been 737s! Nah, just kidding, if you’ve got a question about something hit us up, we’d be happy to help. 


Wanna get in touch? Email Dave personally. Seriously.