Mullet Trail Socks

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These are just bonza for trail runners. Sure you could wear them doing other things, like chucking a shrimp on the bbq, but really they’re for trail runners. And maybe having a cold one after.  The foot of the sock is lovely, soft merino for the ultimate in comfort. The top bit is really just for show. There’s an ankle cuff to stop stuff getting in your shoes. These are super popular with Aussie trail runners. NOTE: They are not snake/spider/shark proof but Aussie trail runners love them anyway.

Let’s not get technical with the whole size thing, surely by now with those feet attached to the rest of your body for all of your life you know if you’re a small, medium are large. But if you really need us to spell it out for you:

Women’s 5.5/7.5 Men’s 4-6 get a small.

Women’s 8.5/11.5 Men’s 7-10 get a medium.

Women’s 12/15.5 Men’s 11-14 get a small.

If your foot size is smaller than that, sorry, we can’t help you. And if they’re bigger, we certainly won’t be making fun of your gargantuan feet just in case you also have similarly sized fists.



Australia’s best trail running socks from the team at ioMerino – a 6th generation Aussie Wool family.

Sort. Natural. Ethically made. Breathable. Temperature regulating. Moisture wicking. Odor-resistant. Bloody brilliant.

Stay comfortable for longer through all sorts of activities and weather.

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Small, Medium, Large


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