Dinky Di Merino Neck Warmer

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If you’re gonna get a neck thing, (whether you call it a neck warmer, a neck gaiter, a buff, whatever), you should get this one. You might be thinking “why is this one so good?” and we’re glad you asked. Because we’d say it’s made from Australia’s best super soft, natural merino wool. Which means it not only does the job a regular one of these would do, but it’s softer, warmer, won’t freeze on your head when it’s really cold, and of course it’s more Australian. So you’ll not only be more comfortable, you’ll be more Australian yourself. You’ll probably even start saying things like ‘G’day’ and ‘Crikey!’.



Australia’s best neck warmer from the team at ioMerino – a 6th generation Aussie Wool family.

Sort. Natural. Ethically made. Breathable. Temperature regulating. Moisture wicking. Odor-resistant. Bloody brilliant.

Stay comfortable for longer through all sorts of activities and weather.

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Black, Stripey, Charcoal, Blue Marle, The Other Blue One, Nice Green, Purple, Hot Pink, Rust


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