Stuff you might want to know.

Got a question? We’re not mind readers so we’re not entirely sure what your question is, and if it’s something really obscure like “Who would win a fight between an Aussie Crocodile and a Cougar?” we’ve got no bloody idea. But we’ve done our best to answer a few more common questions here for ya. If there’s anything else you need to know, hit us up.

Where do you ship from?

From the land Down Under… Australia!

How long will it take to get here?

Who bloody knows? Usually about a week. Could be a bit longer. Shipping is so unreliable these days.

Will I speak with an Australian accent when I wear ioMerino?

Absolutely! You’ll be approximately 12% more Australian and do not be surprised if you start saying “G’day mate” every now and then.

Is your stuff ethically made?

You betcha it is! We only use a select group of partners who do all the ethical things like having a unionised workforce, fair pay, good working conditions, all that sort of thing. We might not be overly serious about most things, but we’re dead serious about ethical production.

What’s so good about Merino?

How long have you got? It’s natural, breathable, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, odour resistant… and if you use the good stuff like we do, stupidly soft and comfortable.

What’s so good about your Merino in particular?

ioMerino don’t cut corners so they only use the best merino wool, and make their fabrics using some really specific ‘recipes’ so they’re the kind quality you’ll absolutely love and want to buy again.

Is Dave the Dingo single and ready to mingle?

Maaaaaaaybe. Who’s asking?

What if I don’t like it/it doesn’t fit/I change my mind when my order arrives?

Send it back mate! We want you to be happy. We know you will be happy. But on the off chance something’s not quite right, send it back and we’ll get you sorted.

What if it’s stuffed when my order arrives?

Bloody hell, that’s no good! Let us know and we’ll get you sorted straight away?

How do I send something back?

We’ve got a returns process. Check it out here.

Why do your prices keep bloody changing?

Sometimes we have to change the prices because of the exchange rate. ioMerino make stuff using Australian dollars and we have to convert it to US Dollars and sometimes that goes up, and sometimes it goes down. We don’t muck about with minor changes, but if the dollar shifts more than a bit, we have to adjust our prices to match.