School’s in, people.

Finding it hard to work out what we’re on about when we’re speaking Aussie instead of American? Wanna learn to speak like a dinky di Australian? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick and easy reference to help you learn Dingo Lingo.

Bee’s Knees – A compliment for something that is really good.

Bloke – A man.

Bloody – A word you put in front of something else as a replacement for ‘very’. “That ioMerino Tshirt is bloody great!”

Bloody Oath – Absolutely. “Bloody oath I’m getting some of that ioMerino stuff.”

Bloody Ripper – An expression of delight. If you found our your ioMerino top was arriving today you could say “You beauty!” or “You bloody ripper!”

Bludger – A lazy person or someone who doesn’t work. “Stevo’s a bit of a bludger.”

Bogan – Probably the closest translation is “redneck”. Not quite the same, but someone who is a bit… basic, low brow.

Budgie Smugglers – A description of underwear or swimmers that are ‘brief’ style on a bloke. So a budgie is a little bird, brief style undies/swimmers sometimes look like you have a little bird stuffed down the front of them. Think about it.

Bush – A generic term for the outback/wilderness.

Clobber – Clothes

Cobber – Nothing like ‘Clobber’, this one sort of means ‘friend’. “Hey Cobber, how’s it going”

Crikey – an expression of surprise. “Crikey, that croc is massive!”

Daks (as in Tracky Daks) – pants.

Devo – upset, devastated.

Dinky Di – Authentic Australia. “That bloke is a Dinky Di Aussie.”

Dog’s Dick – A compliment for something that is really good.

Down Under – Australia! The land Down Under! Because we’re in the Southern Hemisphere! Obviously there are other countries in the Southern Hemisphere but whatever.

Drongo – another mild insult for someone who is a bit stupid.

Duck’s Guts – A compliment for something that is really good.

Dunny – Toilet. Can also be called “Crapper”, “Shitter” or probably a bunch of other things. Let’s just roll with those for now.

Fair Dinkum – The real deal/for real. “Are you Fair dinkum?”

G’day – Come on people, surely you know this one. It’s a greeting. Like “Hi!” or “Hello”. Quite often used in combo with ‘mate’… “G’day mate”.

Galah – A Galah is a type of cockatoo (as in a bird) but if someone calls you “a bit of a galah” or worse, a “Flamin’ Galah” It’s really not complimentary. It means they probably think you’re a bit of a dick.

How’s it going? – How are you?

Mate – not your partner, but a friend. Could be a friend, a good friend, an acquaintance, or someone you don’t even know but instead of saying you’ve forgotten their name you can just say “How ya going mate” because oh yeah, we ask “How ya going?” and not “How ya doing?”. We don’t give a shit how you’re going as in are you walking or driving or taking a taxi etc. It’s just what we say.

No Worries/No Dramas/No Wuckas – No problems.

Piece of Piss – Easy. “Digging that hole was a piece of piss”.

Pissed – Not what you think, this one means drunk. It’s nothing to do with being upset or angry. For that we say “Pissed off”.

Pissed Off – this is pretty much the equivalent of you saying “pissed” but that means something different for us. When we’re upset or angry we’re “pissed off” and as far as anyone knows, you can’t be “Pissed on”. Well, you can, but that’s something very, very different and we won’t be explaining that one.

Reckon – think. “I reckon it’s about 6pm”.

She’ll be Apples – It’ll be good.

Sheila – Lady/Woman

Stoked – Happy. “I was stoked to get my new ioMerino Tshirt!”

Strewth – an expression of surprise. “Strewth, that croc is massive!”

Stuffed – no good. Broken. “The engine is stuffed.”

Thongs – OK, concentrate, this has nothing to do with undies (underwear) or what you might swim in. We call flip flops “thongs”. So if someone says they’re wearing things to the BBQ don’t expect them to turn up in a G-string. Which we also sometimes call a “G-banger”.

True Blue – Authentic Australian. A person or a thing can be “True Blue”. See also, “Dinky Di”.

Wanker – Not a compliment. Technically means someone who masturbates (“He was having a wank”) but non-literally means you’re a bit of a dick. (“Donald Trump is such a wanker”)

Woop Woop – a remote location. We have plenty of remote locations in Australia. Some of them have names, everywhere else is “Woop Woop”. If someone is in the wilderness or somewhere remote you’d say “He’s out Woop Woop”.

Yous – It’s the plural of You. “Are yous coming to the party?”