Hi, I’m Dave.

I’m a true blue Aussie dingo who loves the outdoors and I bloody hate bullshit synthetic clothing and wanted to bring you the best Australian, natural outdoor clothing I could find.

My story is actually pretty simple. I’m an Aussie called Dave who basically lives in this ioMerino stuff. I walk in it, I ride in it, I hike in it, I camp in it, I run in it, I eat meat pies in it, chug a coldie (beer) in it… you name it, it’s my thing. And I was like, “Wow, this stuff is so great it must be super popular in America”, and they were like, “Ah, actually, the Americans don’t really even know about it” and I was like “Crikey! Those poor buggers don’t know what they’re missing out on!”

I asked if I could bring some of their stuff to America so you can be as warm and comfy as an Aussie on a Summer’s day and, well, here we are. Your place to get ioMerino stuff in the good old US of A baby!

All the usual warranties apply. If there’s an issue, they back us up and do all the replacements and all that sort of thing. But here we get to have a bit more fun because hey, what goes on camp, stays on camp, right? (OK, sure, we know you probably say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but camp is more our jam.)

So if you want to get yourself into a bit of clobber from the land Down Under, this is your lucky day!